Farming & Volunteering

Farming & Volunteering


#Farming in hills

Encouraging people to travel and volunteer in order for them to increase their knowledge and understanding of other cultures, people and ways of life.

Get a chance to practice organic farming with us, or simply volunteer to either construct a structure or contribute in whatever substantial way you can, such as, lead treks for guests, help around with various odd jobs at the cafe, etc.Join a community which teaches you real life experiences. May it be farming or volunteering for various activities that you’d be interested in, fill up the form below and don’t forget to tell us why you want to do that particular activity, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.Your stay will be on us!!

Get a chance to practice organic farming with us

Get a chance to practice organic farming with us, or simply volunteer to either construct a structure or contribute in whatever substantial way you can. There’s no such thing as a typical farm experience and that’s partly why volunteering in this sector is such an enjoyable activity.

No matter how much you read about sustainable farming and eating whole foods, there’s something about being a part of the actual process that makes it all real. To see how much effort it takes to sustainably grow crops and keep animals is to appreciate this fundamental part of society. The aim of volunteering is to both learn in an interesting environment and be useful to the farmers.

You will learn / exchange farming, crop cycle, understanding of the weather, (doing) irrigation, gardening things and other farming information. You will get multiple options to help out. If you are more into farming you can help us in the farm with farming or gardening. Our farm is located in-between the beauty of the Naini Hills area and the amazing diversity and excitement of Nainital city.

If you would like to enjoy an amazing hill view, the typical Indian village ambiance and a real off grid experience, we would love to be your hosts. We welcome solo adventurers as well as families and of course furry friends. Lean back, find calmness, dirty your hands in soil, wander around and find back to mother nature in a thoughtful approach of unity. We want to have all varieties of trees, Medicinal plants and exotic fruit with the premises. We conduct events where all walk of people come to spent some quality time with friends and family with a picturesque backdrop.

We wanted to experiment Permaculture, Aqua-phonics, Hydroponics, Agro-forestry and different models to make it like a biological park for future generation.

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